Medical and Health Providers in Aberdeen

Medical and Health Providers in Aberdeen The city of Aberdeen is home to a large number medical and healthcare providers, and NHS services are provided by NHS Grampian, which provides support for half a million people. NHS Grampian overseas Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital, Aberdeen Maternity Hospital and the Royal Cornhill Hospital to name a few. The following services are also provided in the Aberdeen area:

NHS Clinics

A clinic is a service available to outpatients who can have their conditions monitored and treatment regimens revised and updated. These clinics are provided by the NHS to deal with a huge range of chronic conditions including heart failure, diabetes, pregnancy, postnatal care, and many others. The clinics are run by qualified doctors and nurse practitioners who are well experienced in dealing with the conditions at hand, and so are fully capable of making sure that the needs of every patient is looked after. These clinics can be run from central locations such as hospitals, or within more remote locations such as doctor's surgeries and health centres.


Dentists are trained medical doctors who specialise in the health and well being of the oral cavity. People normal associate the work of a dentist with just the health of the teeth, but in reality they are concerned with much more than just the teeth themselves. Dentists are able to diagnose and treat conditions of the gums, and specialised dentists are even able to perform dental implants and maxillofacial surgery to correct tooth loss, facial trauma and other such issues. Find Aberdeen dentists here.


Any patient with an issue causing reduced or painful movement may benefit from the services of a physiotherapist. These qualified healthcare professionals work hard to design personally tailored exercise regimens to help those patients who suffer from reduced mobility for any reason to get back to normal. Whether it's a painful limb due to some unfortunate trauma or sports injury, or a heart condition which is restricting the extent and duration of movement, a physiotherapist is able to help with increasing movement and restoring a relatively normal quality of life to patients.

Mobility Equipment

Mobility equipment is any type of equipment designed to increase the ability of patients to move around their home and beyond. This type of equipment can range anywhere from mobility scooters to stair lifts, and constitutes a vital part of the lives of a huge number of patients across the country. This mobility equipment can be provided by the NHS or special government support grants, or can be financed entirely by the patient. Certain types of mobility equipment may be recommended by healthcare professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists to help the patient regain and maintain a good level of movement and a high quality of life.


The role of an optician is not to diagnose medical problems such as retinitis pigmentosa or glaucoma, although they may notice these problems as a consequence of years of experience, and use their skills to pass on information to ophthalmologists and other medical professionals who are able to provide treatments and cures for these conditions. Opticians are concerned with the diagnosis of defects of eyesight such as myopia and hypermetropia, and the treatment of these conditions by manufacturing lenses to make up for the power the eye's lens lacks. They can also provide recommendations as to which type of contact lenses are to be used, and provide information and instruction as to the correct insertion, extraction and care of the lenses themselves.

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine encompasses any type of medical therapy which has not been rigorously scientifically proven, and is not taught in medical schools to trainee doctors. Although these alternative branches of medicine have not been readily accepted and proven by the mainstream medical community, users of these services often strenuously defend their worth and benefit. Alternative medicine encompasses a range of therapies such as homoeopathy, acupuncture, and reflexology, and is billed as being applicable to a huge range of conditions including both muscular pain and the well being of major organs and systems.

There are plenty of health based services in Aberdeen for you to choose from, so getting the right one is the most important way to start off the care process for any particular condition or ailment.