Medical and Health Providers in Belfast

Medical and Health Providers in Belfast At one point or another, almost everyone in Belfast will require the services of some kind of medial professional. Exactly the type of professional required will depend highly on the type of injury sustained, so the list below exists to guide you through some of the services you may find dotted throughout Belfast and further afield.


The Belfast Health and Social Care Trust provides health care to more than 340,000 residents of Belfast from Belfast City Hospital, Royal Jubilee Maternity Service, Royal Victoria Hospital, Musgrave Park Hospital, Forster Green Hospital and the Belfast Hospital for Sick Children.


Although most people's minds immediately jump to teeth when thinking of a dental practitioner, the breadth and depth of the services provided by these highly trained professionals extends well beyond just this. Dentists are trained and licensed to provide treatment to all facets of the oral cavity, and can be the first no notice the indications of severe disease based on symptoms found in the head and neck area, and indeed within the mouth itself. Dentists may also take extra qualifications in order to practice in a hospital, where they are able to provide oral and maxillofacial surgery, and to install dental implants for their patients. Local dentistry services are listed here.


A physiotherapist is a trained professional who specialises in the delicate kinetics and movements of the body and its joints, and who is qualified to deliver effective therapy and treatment for a whole host of injuries relating to movement of the body. The areas which concern a physiotherapist are not only the acute injuries plaguing athletes and those for whom a strenuous job can lead to injury, though. They also deal heavily with patients living with more chronic conditions such as those with diabetes, a condition for which proper circulation to the limbs is essential, and those with cardiovascular health issues, for whom a carefully balanced exercise regimen is a must if full recovery is to be expected.


Osteopathy is the practice by which manual manipulation of sections of the body is used to relieve pain and treat common ailments. Although the discipline has no officially accredited certificate of training from a medical body, it has been proven to be an effective way of treating lower back pain, and a way of aiding recovery from hip and knee replacements. The whole field is based on the facts that the structure and the function of the human body are intimately related, and that the body also possesses mechanisms responsible for self-healing and disease prevention. Osteopaths attempt to stimulate these regulatory and repair responses by manual manipulation of the body's surface.


A visit to the optician's office is normally required to correct any combination of a whole plethora of conditions associated with the incorrect operation of the lens of the eye. Opticians are able to measure the effect of a lens defect on the patient's vision, and are then able to use this information to design specialised corrective lenses to be fitted into the glasses of choice, hopefully resulting in restored vision, and a subsequent increase in the quality of life for the patient. With a special license, an optician may also fit prosthetic eyes for those for whom trauma or infection have destroyed the eye.

Nursing Care

Nurses are an indescribable asset to the healthcare system enjoyed by the UK. Although the role of nurses is often perceived as being secondary to that of the doctors, they in fact constitute a complementary and equally important component in the healthcare system. Nurses fill a whole variety of caring roles within the hospital, surgery and nursing home settings, and are often also trained to administer certain treatments, such as vaccines, and to perform the extraction and analysis of blood samples. Nurse practitioners are able to perform more advanced procedures up to and including minor invasive treatments, and can even prescribe certain mediations to patients without the influence of a doctor.


For those with lower back pain, the chiropractor is normally the person to turn to. Chiropractors specialise in the diagnosis of a multitude of conditions associated with muscular and osteopathic conditions, and perform targeted manipulations of the affected regions of the body in order to provide some relief of the condition. Most chiropractic procedures concentrate on the treatment of issues relating to the vertebrae of the spine, such as lower back pain and certain types of migraine.

With the information in the article above, you should have no trouble finding exactly what you need in terms of healthcare in the Belfast area.