Medical and Health Providers in Bristol

Medical and Health Providers in Bristol Bristol is the urban lifeblood of the otherwise primarily rural county of Somerset. The Avon district of Great Britain - which takes its name from the close proximity it has to the nearby river - is heavily reliant upon the city council of Bristol to issue appropriate support, coupled with adequate financial backing, in order to ensure that the people in this area need not travel further afield to receive solid medical or health-related assistance.

Specialist Hospitals for Heart Care

University Hospitals Bristol N.H.S. Foundation Trust have recently been called into action by upper-level National Health Service members, in order to bolster the future of the heart surgery units throughout the Greater Bristol borough. With three other such units - Royal Brompton in London, Leeds General Infirmary and Glenfield in Leicester all highlighted for closure, similar departments in Somerset may well be next. Congenital heart defects are apparently more abundant than average in Bristol, and the appropriate authorities will be required to fight hard to address this issue and therefore secure the future funding required to keep the existing units in place.

Eye Surgery and Support

Doctor Mike Potts has been in Bristol since 1970, and qualified in his chosen field of expertise eleven years later at The Bristol Medical School. His own personal clinic is now based at the downtown area of Clifton Park, and he also both operates at Nuffield Health Hospital and consults at Spire Hospital jointly. His key specialities include usage of the YAG laser, Heidelberg retinal topography and 3D retinal scanning.

Birthing Pool Facilities for Pregnant Women

Whilst Saint Michaels is quite commonly spoken of in relation to high quality birthing care within the Bristol area, The Southmead Hospital is generally regarded nonetheless as being the optimum choice for the majority of mums. Although admittedly they do not have a phenomenal amount of facilities catering for those who wish to go through labour in an actual birthing pool, a plentiful number of en-suite bedrooms - where a generously sized bath is available to use - are an excellent substitute for this.

Child Orientated Healthcare and Guidance

The formerly named Bristol Hospital For Sick Children was damaged during a blitz period of the second world war, but was then subsequently incorporated into the newly instigated National Health Service facilities in 1948. By the turn of the millennium though, its dominant technology had become vastly outdated; and only following a successful public fundraising campaign, was it possible to create enough money to contemporize it for re-launch in 2001.

Healthy Eating and Resource Preservation

Bristol Food Network is actually an umbrella group, made up of organisations, businesses, community project teams and motivated individuals who have a strong desire to turn Bristol into a city which is predominantly geared towards feeding its residents with 100% sustainable food and drink produce. This niche but heavily supported network throughout the Greater Bristol district connects many people working on a diverse array of food-based issues, such as; tackling excessive accumulation of food waste, developing and maintaining healthy eating projects, encouraging people to cultivate their own food for the most part and galvanising the pursuit of transforming Bristol into a fully self-sufficient city. The set-up is ran primarily by volunteers in Somerset and the southwest of England, with additional support - mainly revolving around fundraising and promotional activities - provided by Bristol City Council.

Weight Loss Advice and Support

The criteria of Avon Obesity Service is presumably self-explanatory based purely on its name, and the operation has an excellent selection of highly trained and experienced team members to its credit. Firstly, Mrs Sawyer is a specialist dietician who has considerable expertise in obesity and diabetes; both on their own, and in combination with one another. She actually runs N.H.S. clinics in close conjunction with several consultant diabetologists at Southmead Hospital, and with Doctor Johnson at the Spire Hospital. He is a leading consultant physician, with specific interests in the possible causes of - and viable treatments for - both obesity and diabetes; plus also has targeted training in the more specific area of endocrinology. Mr Johnson also manages multiple clinics throughout Somerset, focused particularly on these specialities.

Those who live, work or study in Bristol city centre - or the nearby outer suburbs - will likely have to rely upon the medical facilities within local reach of the premises where they spend their daily life. Although online consultations for clearly defined issues and ailments are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, it is still preferable to have a network of all the necessary health-based requirements on your home turf; and it appears that Bristol is more than capable of delivering all that is expected.