Medical and Health Providers in Newcastle

Medical and Health Providers in Newcastle Medical and Health Providers in Newcastle Newcastle-upon-Tyne is a major British city, which is arguably the most prominent urban area in the northeast of England. Furthermore, it is a metropolitan borough of the Tyne and Wear district; and is also the closest English metropolis to the Scottish borders. Based on recently collated government statistics, Newcastle has an approximate population of 300,000 residents; with each one being served by an excellent local health network.

National Health Service Funded Clinics

The Royal Victoria Infirmary (R.V.I.) is a critical component of the locally dominant Newcastle-upon-Tyne N.H.S. Foundation Trust, but is also more than willing to accept and treat private patients throughout the area too. The R.V.I. can boast a recently acquired emergency department - fully featured, with all the necessary equipment to deal with a multitude of different time-sensitive scenarios - along with a specialist infectious diseases unit; and one of the most technologically advanced neuroscience centre's outside of London. More NHS clinics are listed on this index.

Unique Diagnostic and Evaluation Clinics

An extremely comprehensive array of examinations - primarily those which revolve around the usage of a Signa Ovation mid-field model - are available at The Newcastle Clinic. The unorthodox but highly efficient way that the machine applied is configured apparently makes it much easier to locate the optimum field of view required to critically examine joints and extremities like the shoulders, knees, wrists, hips and ankles. This in turn can usually offer patients greater comfort, coupled with less frequent retakes; whilst also providing the physician team with a wide range of different application options and only the utmost image representation quality for finalised diagnosis. Studies pertaining to the ideal functioning of the central nervous system, in addition to that of both the cardiac and vascular anatomy are also applied; albeit to a lesser extent.

Generic and Specialist Dental Care

The simply named Dental Care Clinic has two principal clinic divisions; firstly in the Westerhope borough of Newcastle, and also at Tweedmouth in Berwick-upon-Tweed. They state that their staff provide a standard of care that is friendly and individual to each specific patient - irrespective of whether they pay on a private basis or with N.H.S. source funding - and boast a complete spectrum of practically every single element that you could expect of a dentist service. These include routine check-ups, various implants, orthodontic treatments, cosmetic teeth whitening improvements and personal home visits for the very old or seriously impaired. Click here for info on other local dentists.

Cutting Edge Magnetic Resonance Treatment

The Tyne and Wear area can boast its own highly targeted Newcastle Magnetic Resource Centre, which is situated on the same site as the former Newcastle General Hospital. This is actually where the Campus for Ageing and Vitality is located also; but is primarily host to the high-field strength magnetic resonance scanning machine, plus full secondary facilities required for unrivalled onsite clinical M.R. research and data collection. The N.M.R.C. is in the downtown NE4 district, and can be contacted either via the website: or by telephone on: 0191 248 1150.

Privately Funded Medical Treatment Clinics

The Cobalt Treatment Centre is one of the leading private medical clinics based in Newcastle, which is owned by Ramsey Health Care Great Britain. Whilst the centre is indeed owned and operated on an entirely independent basis, it has no fundamental bias; and does also treat patients referred via the National Health Service, as well as those who provide their own funding. The C.T.C. genuinely offers a very wide variety of services, which range from orthopaedics and endoscopy, to cosmetic surgery procedures; and of course, all common general surgery treatments as well. Other private clinics in the area can be found on this site.

Mobile Scan and Assessment Facilities

Within the boundaries of specific mobile scanning services throughout Newcastle, Alliance Medical are the dominant provider within the city centre and outer suburbs equally. They operate top-level scan procedures at both Nuffield Health Hospital and Freeman Hospital in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and claim to utilise the most substantial fleet of portable MRI, X-Ray, CT and ultrasound scanners in the whole country. Further information can be found on their official website - - which relates to all aspects of the services they offer on a national basis.