Medical and Health Providers in Northampton

Medical and Health Providers in Northampton Northampton the capital city of Northamptonshire, and vital focal point for residents of this county as far as health support is concerned. There are numerous health and medical service providers in Northampton to suit all your needs.

Dental Health and Restoration Services

The Pepper Clinic has three different branches; based in Northampton, Lincoln and Peterborough. The Northampton borough premises on 32 Harborough Road, Kingsthorpe particularly provides all visitors with a relaxing experience, in a spa-style environment; in which all patients can unwind in style if they wish to do so. Drinks are available as well, as is a powerful onsite wi-fi zone so that those who want to can connect effortlessly to the internet whilst waiting for their appointment. The clinic in Northamptonshire offers most of the usual dental procedures, such as all fundamental aspects of general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry; plus facial rejuvenation treatments are also available on a less frequent basis. For a comprehensive list of Northampton's dental services click here.

Alternative Remedies and Herbal Supplements

The Northampton Clinic - that is the actual trading name of the business - has a very impressive selection of highly trained and experienced therapists. Victoria works at Whitefields Surgery in West Hunsbury alongside her time at The Northampton Clinic, and is fully registered with key U.K. organisations within this sector; such as Aviva, PruHealth and Standard Life. Liz is a true stalwart of The Northampton Clinic, and has been working there on a full-time basis for almost two decades now; since she first qualified from The British School of Oestopathy in 1994. Likewise, Margaret has been employed primarily at T.N.C. for almost as long, and in conjunction with her reflexology skills, is also a practitioner of the Doctor Edward Bach Foundation. She is by far the clinic's leading authority on the iconic Bach Flower Remedies; ideal for those who have a preference towards wholly natural herbal solutions.

Physiotherapy and Specific Injury Assessment

O.P.S.M Northampton, based on Rowtree Road, Danes Camp Surgery, East Hunsbury is one of the most established health-based facilities in the Northamptonshire area. Although it is most commonly referred to by its acronym, the full name is actually Optimum Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine; and as you would likely expect with such a literal business title, the organisation is predominantly geared towards help and support for ailments linked to physical exertion. These include general and niche physiotherapy, rehabilitation for injuries, expediting post operation recovery, specialist workshops, training for increased stamina and sports nutrition advice. More physiotherapists can be found on this index.

Weight Management and Reduction Clinics

Pureas in Northampton use mainly the Lipoform Plus procedure, a technique that is generally known as ultrasonic cavitation; and which is acknowledged as one of the most efficient and reliable manners to fully eliminate fat cells from the human system. In layman's terms, a hand piece is placed on the patient's skin; it then emits ultrasound frequencies that are in turn capable of accurately targeting the fat compounds within the body. These triglyceride's subsequently break up into a liquid solution of diglycerides, which can then be expelled naturally through the urine.

Colonic Irrigation Techniques and Information

Despite being called The Milton Keynes Clinic, T.M.K.C. also operate a substantial division in Northampton at the same time. Their principal onus is on helping sufferers of troublesome bowel movements, especially those who are having to deal with irritable bowel syndrome or candida yeast growth. Traditional anal colonic treatments are the backbone of the services provided at their Northampton base; but other less intrusive methods, such as the consumption of specialist juice blends for detoxification and salt bath regimes are offered to potential clients also.

Multi-Genre Health and Well-Being Organisations

Northampton Clinic is sited at the downtown district of Northampton: 72 Abington Avenue, Northampton, NN1 4PA; and is open between 9AM and 6PM, Monday to Friday. The clinic provides care relating to: acupuncture, chiropody, diet advice, maternity services, homeopathy, osteopathy, chiropractic ailments, mental health issues, specific young people's health and multiple alternative health options.