Medical and Health Providers in Reading

Medical and Health Providers in Reading The guide below will go some way to providing information essential to making the best choice of treatment for a variety of conditions for residents of Reading. Keep reading to find which treatments, both on and off the NHS, are the most appropriate for your condition.

NHS Clinics

In order to stay well informed about the conditions of patients without necessitating a stay in hospital, the NHS has founded a number of drop-in and appointment-based clinics in order to keep a close eye on patients with both acute and chronic conditions. NHS clinics are able to manage myriad diseases and illnesses such as diabetes, COPD, epilepsy, heart failure, fractures and many others. These clinics are staffed by specialised doctors and nurse practitioners who have the authority to alter cocktails of medications and recommend hospital stays and complex treatments to ensure that the patient is looked after in the best possible way.

The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust serves the residents of Reading by providing a range of medical and health treatments. The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust runs the Royal Berkshire Hospital Reading, the Royal Berkshire Bracknell Clinic, the Prince Charles Eye Unit and Townlands Community Hospital.


Chiropractors are not medical doctors, but they are trained and qualified to provide treatment for a whole range of conditions relating to the spine. The spine is composed of dozens of small chunks of bone, known as the vertebrae, separated by discs of fibrous, yet spongy cartilage known as the spinal discs. When the vertebrae slip out of place and become misaligned they can cause serious problems, including chronic pain, stiffness when moving, and other even more serious difficulties. Chiropractors are able to recognise the misaligned vertebrae, as well as the injured structures at the root of these problems, and perform specialised manipulations and movements of the spinal column to attempt to relieve the pain.


A dentist is the specialist to turn to whenever you're having an issue with your teeth or gums. They are able to provide diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of conditions of the mouth and are qualified to perform minor surgical procedures. Some dentists undergo further surgical training allowing them to execute wisdom tooth removal, dental implant insertion, and even to perform complex maxillofacial and plastic surgeries. Pay a visit to the dentist whenever you're having any trouble with your mouth; they're just the right professional for you.

Chiropodists and Podiatrists

Chiropodists and podiatrists are medical doctors whose domain extends from the foot, ankle, and even to the rest of the lower limb. These doctors are the ones to turn to when you have foot problems which cannot be fixed simply with rest or stretches. Podiatrists are able to provide surgical solutions to major problems of this limb, and can thereby provide tangible and effective solutions for even the most serious foot problems. These doctors can provide not only complex surgical remedies, but can also prescribe medical solutions to these problems, such as antibiotics and painkillers.


Osteopaths operate on the guiding principle that the body is able to heal itself from almost every ailment that could befall it, though it sometimes needs a little help to accomplish this. Osteopaths rely on the provision of manual manipulations of the body, in the form of massages and movements, in order to ensure that the body is alerted to the injury. The work of an osteopath has been proven effective in the relief of lower back pain and in helping patients become accommodated to a new hip or knee joint without undue pain or discomfort.

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is often taken in a negative light by many patients who have yet to try it, though those who have made use of the services of an alternative medical practitioner routinely have their opinions reversed after their treatment is completed and they realise the benefit of the help that alternative medicine provides. While medical professionals remain skeptical about the exact mechanisms of action surrounding some alternative therapy treatments, those patients who make use of the services will attest their worth and validity.