Medical and Health Providers in West London

Medical and Health Providers in West LondonThe famous Harley Street in the City of Westminster has been well known for generations as the seat of a large number of private medical practices and surgeries. Finding private healthcare of all kinds is as easy as simply walking down this famous street, and so any patient will have no trouble getting exactly the type of treatment they need with adequate research. The high standard of care which has become synonymous with this area can be mediated through a wide range of specialities, but which one is the best to choose? The guide below seeks to answer this question by providing important information regarding six selected healthcare options frequently required by patients.

Private Clinics

Private clinics are those which treat patient's needs, but for a fee usually set by the clinic or practice itself. Private clinics in West London can be visited for conditions such as diabetes, heart failure, stroke and many other chronic conditions. Private clinics are beneficial since many believe that they receive a better degree of care when paying for it themselves, though some patients are critical of the private healthcare system, feeling that this privatisation means that healthcare resources are sequestered away from the poorer members of society who are unable to afford the luxury private healthcare.

NHS Clinics

NHS clinics are those which are funded by the National Health Service, and so can be attended by any UK resident for free. Like private clinics, NHS clinics can deal with anything from stroke to renal failure, and can even be utilised for infant vaccinations and pregnancy scans and checks. These clinics are a vital point of contact between outpatients and mm hospital staff, allowing complex conditions to be monitored by specialised staff without a lengthy stay in hospital being necessary.


Dental practitioners are those who are able to diagnose and treat any condition associated with the oral cavity. They are able to perform complex procedures regarding the health of the teeth, such as fillings, root canal, crown insertion and tooth removal. While it is true that the main focus of the work of a dentist is on the patient's teeth, dentists also have an in-depth knowledge of the different conditions associated with the structures surrounding the teeth, including gingivitis and yeast infections of the mouth, and are able to provide treatment for conditions such as these. Click here for West London dentists.


A physiotherapist is an accredited professional who is licensed to prescribe specific exercises and construct detailed long-term exercise plans for patients who wish to increase their mobility. The patients dealt with by a physiotherapist range anywhere from athletes who have overworked themselves and developed an injury, to trauma patients who require extensive therapy to recover from their injuries, to patients suffering from chronic conditions and who must engage upon a strict exercise programme to get them back on track. Physiotherapists are able to deal with all these groups of patients and many more from either the hospital, a specialised rehabilitation facility, or even the patient's own home.


Osteopaths are medical professionals who specialise in manipulating the surface of the various structures of the body in order to encourage them to regain a healthy function. Osteopathy has been proven an effective treatment for lower back pain, and a potent remedy for post operative pain in those who have been given joint replacements, though it remains a branch of alternative medicine and therefore is not taught in medical schools. Despite the fact that the majority of medics do not accept osteopathy as an effective medical therapy, the vast majority of those who visit an osteopath will vouch for the credibility of the field and the tangible help the osteopaths provide.


Chiropractic therapy is a branch of alternative medicine concerned with the alignment of the spinal vertebrae, and the effect of this spinal alignment on the overall health of the patient. Chiropractors are trained to perform specialised manipulations and adjustments of the spine to relieve pressure on high-tension areas, and to realign problematic regions of the spinal column. Chiropractic therapy is of great benefit for the treatment of lower back pain, and can even have some benefit in the treatment of conditions such as migraine and athletic injuries.

With the astounding variety of choice available to patients visiting West London's Harley Street, and with the information provided above designed to demystify the process of choosing appropriate medical care, there really is no reason for any patient to forgo the care they so desperately require.